A Boy and his Dog

Motherhood is a constant craving, and it has to be performed on a nightly basis, if only a quick flick so to fall asleep. Mothers are versatile, amalgams of butch and femme characteristics and desires. They are skillful with their hands and minds, working each other’s patience like a control panel. Snazzy little devices are often employed and is an added entertainment bonus. The informed mother is well versed in stimulation and stays up on the latest studies to achieve that end.

Pets are compelling characters, if in a social setting, tends to make an impact, when a child is in a corner pouting. These little men are notoriously drawn to these mammals, whom they seek to chat or cheer up; the proverbial passive entertainer, it likes to bark, falsely assuming the kid’s perhaps slow on the uptake, and acting as something of a pushover. Bailey, our Coon-mutt soon learns she’s gauged him incorrectly. Yet he’s pleased to find he amuses her. The boy gets under the dog’s skin, as immature as he may consider her. But there’s something light and breezy about this interaction, a potential antidote to the long Xbox sessions he’s often found himself in, ones from which he’s forever recovering, emotionally. He senses that she’s a game pooch who can engage in affection without strings attached. The ironic thing is that, once this dog and boy sleeps together, it’s typically she, not him, who’ll be zonked.

Meanwhile, he’s proud to leash Bailey around, and he figures he’s the boss.

My Mercurial Preteens

Feeling that black-and-white rules of motherhood run counter to human nature, I believe myself to be, capable of undying devotion to hubris whilst also leaving myself opportunity for the off dalliance, should I so desire it. This is the boon of these tough economic times: I see zero conflict in having my cake and eating it too. I may want a steady homelife with freedom to step out. I can be a fast-talker, and a quick study and won’t be fooled by mercurial tricks.

Though on the same page mentally, chatting between these pre-teens is often not enough to sustain them. They love to punch and touch, and are often versatile enough to flip for one another, but they will both want something more before too long. The best thing for their brotherly bond would be to play together with a third, fourth, or infinite number of other peers. If either one is reluctant to do so, it’s likely the other will stray and hide the fact to varying degrees of success. Girls tend to be scenesters; and having an open relationship isn’t shocking as all that. They are typically turned on by jocks and other sports regalia and might go in for parties packed with guys in such garb. Outings and cruises are teeming with young goats who are the most prolific players on deck. They often have harmless fantasies; here, they can take turns while one keeps an eye on limits being respected.  They say it’s a wild ride, but worth the price of admission.

Once they find each other, their friends might as well wave bye-bye. They tend to overanalyze situations, talking decisions to death. And there is no lack of argument, either. But they are comfortable with, what they rather deem, heated, harmless quibbles. They should be careful not to feed each other’s neuroses, however, as they can be high-strung. Focus is typically on home and school experience; being community-minded creatures, they might move to enclaves where they can socialize with other misfits, build some trouble, and make an impact, within their little worlds. Friendships are generally shared, while the boys might benefit from singular pals just as they would from solo endeavors, which the other mothers and fathers also tempted to take up.

A Calm and Attentive Dog


Always praise your dog gently and slowly to keep him calm and attentive.

As soon as the dog stands with all four feet on the ground, praise him slowly and quietly, “Good dog!” You have then praised him because he has obeyed you. Try not to say, “You bad dog!” How can he be a bad dog if he has obeyed? That doesn’t make sense, does it? Lots of dogs get up to all kinds of mischief that is only wrong in our eyes. What we have to do is to correct those faults and praise our dogs when they have obeyed and pleased us.  Quality nutrition is a must for your furry friend.  As time goes on, our dogs should improve provided we train and handle them properly and kindly. So always believe you have a good dog, not a “bad dog.”

This lady is suddenly alarmed, throwing her hands up in the air as the dog jumps up at her. The young lady quickly corrects her dog by saying, “Get off.” and jerks down on the leash. This is followed with praise as soon as her dog remains standing on the ground.

Jumping at people entering your home is a habit many dogs develop. To avoid this, call out to the person on the other side, “One moment please, I’m just coming,” before you open the door. Put your dog on a leash and collar and take him to the front door. Open it and welcome the visitors inside. If your dog jumps up at them, say, “No!” or, “Off!” and immediately jerk downwards on the leash. As soon as the dog stands on the ground, quietly and slowly praise him.

Then ask the visitors if they would mind stepping outside once more, close the door for a few seconds, open it and ask them in again. This time say to the dog in a warning tone of voice, “No! Offl ” You will find that he will soon learn not to jump up when this has been repeated a few times. Don’t forget to praise your dog when he has obeyed your warning.

Putting your dog on his leash before you open the door has another purpose. You are able to stop him from running out to the front of your property and possibly out to the road where he could get hurt or even killed. So remember, take all necessary precautions to prevent bad behavior and accidents.

I mentioned earlier that you should not allow your dog to bark at people in the street, although there will be times when you will want your dog to bark in order to warn you that someone is coming up the path to your house, or whenever there is a knock at your front door or the bell rings.

But when your dog has barked a few times, you will then need to tell him to stop by saying, “Quiet!” In quite a short time, your dog will know that while he is allowed to bark on those occasions, he must cease when you say, “Quiet!” Only use a word like “No!” when your dog is doing something that he is not allowed to do at all.

Your neighbors will be bothered by a dog who barks all the time.

How to Achieve a Stress-Free Celebration of Baby’s Birth

Preparing for a baby’s birth begins the moment a mother finds out she is pregnant.  There are many exciting moments over the next few months, from hearing the first heartbeat to seeing the first ultrasound and to getting the nursery together.

One of the things moms can do to make the experience of childbirth the best possible is create a birth plan. A birth plan is not actually a plan but more a list of the mother’s preferences for the birthing experience.  A birth plan should include the mother’s wishes during a normal labor and delivery, as well as how she wants the newborn to be treated in the moments and days immediately after the birth.  Additionally, a birth plan should also include the mother’s wishes in case there are unexpected circumstances surrounding the birth.

To create a complete birth plan, a mother should educate herself about childbirth, learning about the experience and preparing herself for the baby’s arrival.  Besides allowing a mom to plan what her ideal birth experience will be, a birth plan also helps the mother to share her wishes in case she goes into labor when there is an on-call doctor who is not familiar with her case.  This provides peace of mind to the mother and helps guide the doctor and the nursing staff about the mother’s preferences.

Preparations to welcome baby into the world also include choosing a doctor to care for the baby. It’s recommended to start the process of choosing a baby’s doctor a few months before the actual birth.  After researching different doctors to find out about their education, training and experience, mothers should interview their favorite doctors in order to make a decision.  Office hours, procedures in case of emergencies, substitute doctors when the chosen doctor is not available and even what type of insurance the doctor accepts are all concerns that a mother can settle before baby is born.  Asking for recommendations from other moms is also a good way to find the right doctor.

When a pediatrician is chosen, speak to the doctor about post-delivery options. Circumcision (if having a son) is optional as well as choosing to have the cord blood collected for umbilical cord blood banking service. Cord blood contains non-controversial stem cells that could potentially be used to treat possible medical diseases. Babies also need to receive immunizations and screenings before they can leave the hospital; asking a pediatrician about these shots and tests will help a mother feel more educated and aware of what is being done to her child right away.

Taking care of these details before baby is born allows the mother to focus solely on her newborn and to begin the bonding process. While bonding can be an instant connection for many mothers, it is a process that builds over time.  Skin-to-skin contact and eye contact are two forms of bonding that a mother can practice right in the hospital room.  Infant massage, if the mother has learned it ahead of time, can also come in handy during those first few days to both calm the baby and help with the mother-baby bond.  As baby and mom spend more time at home, the process of bonding also includes feeding time as well as baby’s response to her mother’s voice.

For mothers, making preparations ahead of time will save mom any stress and worry. With all the little details taken care of ahead of time, baby’s birth becomes a joyous, worry-free celebration.

“This article was written by Katie Moore. Katie is an active writer within the blogging community who discusses maternity, motherhood, and other topics within this niche.  If you have any questions or would like to connect with Katie please contact by visiting her blog, Moore From Katie or her twitter @moorekm26.”

On Their Pets Health

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How to Keep Pet Costs Low

Are you thinking about having a pet join your family? Do the costs associated with pet ownership worry you? Well, I just found this fantastic article that will help you think through your decision making process: http://www.savings.com/blog/post/PetCouponSleuth-Low-Cost-Pet-Ownership.html

It is really helpful just to have everything laid out in front of you so that you are able to make an informed decision. It is a big decision, but a pet can bring so much joy and happiness to your family if you have taken everything into account and not made the decision spontaneously.

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Hunger Game Action Figures! Yeah!

My family is soooo excited about seeing this movie. All of us loved the Hunger Games books. And now, here are the action figures. This is so exciting.

I found these at NewburyComics.com for only $19.99. And guess what else they have? The Hunger Games  Trading cards for $2.99 a pack.

Are you as excited as we are? See you at the theatre.

The High Cost of Groceries

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I am Going to School!

I am thinking about going back to school to study accounting. I know that going back to school has become a viable option for millions of parents looking to grow their careers and further their education. For most people, it’s an exciting and exhilarating prospect. However, I can see how transitioning back into student life can prove to be quite a task especially since I have a family at home. To start off in the right direction, I have come up with a plan to help me get ready to go back to college.

Before jumping back into school, I realize that it is very important to be able to set realistic and practical goals for myself. This will allow me to keep on track with my studies, while making sure that my school life and my home life balance out well.

I am constantly reevaluating my reasons for going back to school. Whether it’s for career growth or for the opportunity to change lines of work, I have to be able to know what I am hoping to get out of a new degree. Even though I would love self improvement to be enough of a reason, I need to know that I am going to be able to find work when I graduate.

Going back to school takes time, effort and money. And unlike my younger years, having a family in tow does not make it any easier to keep my schooling from breaking the bank. I am going to set a budget for myself and stick with it. I will have to consult and canvas to see what a realistic budget may be, but I figure that it is smart to first assess how we are doing as a family  financially, and then to review how schooling may impact things at home.

Finally, I plan to give myself a timetable on how long I can afford to go to school for by researching how many months or years my intended program will last. This will help me better plan my budget, my schedule and my future. I know that when I go back to school, it is going to have a major impact on my family.

Groups of Even Unwittingly Individuals

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Warehouse Clubs – Are They Worth It?

Hi Friends,

I have a question for all of you who have memberships at the warehouse clubs like Costco or BJ’s. What do you think of them? Are they worth it?

Most of the time I answer “Yes” to this question. They are worth it.

I stock up on all of the cleaning and paper supplies, office supplies, and I even buy clothes, books and toys there.

I also buy food. Lots and lots of food. I would buy more if I had a bigger freezer. And I am definitely save money. So why the hesitation? For some reason, I still end up going to my neighborhood grocery store a couple of times a week. Granted, it is only to buy a couple of things, but I still feel as though once I go to Costco, that should be it for at least a couple of weeks. But it never is.

Do any of you have the same dilemma?

Fantastic Sale at The Children’s Place!

That’s right, friends! There is a fantastic sale at The Children’s Place. Don’t you just love their clothes. I know that I do — and my kiddies do as well. So if your family is like our family, now is the time to stock up for next year.

Through January 28th, you will get 25% off of your entire order. And, if you spend over $75, you will get free shipping as well. Woo hoo.

Just visit http://www.childrensplace.com and use the code U9F2012 when checking out. Your discount will be applied then.

Happy shopping!

Big Sale at Petco! My Pets are Jumping for Joy.

My pets are jumping for joy — and I have a number of pets. We have 1 dog (Samson), 2 cats (Sherlock and Holmes), 1 hamster (Petunia) and lots of fish (so many names that I can not list them here — or remember them).

Needless to say, when there is a big pet store sale, the pets are not the only happy ones. I am overjoyed as well. It costs quite a bit to keep all of our animals happy and healthy, so I appreciate it when Petco helps us out.

Petco is having a 20-40% off sitewide sale through January 26th. Make sure to visit Petco.com. You do not need to enter a code, the sale prices will automatically be deducted when you check out.

Remember, you can always find the latest dog food coupons and cat food coupons at PetFoodTalk. Enjoy!

Gaggin’ Away

My husband is too funny! He played quite the gag on my son the other day. The poor kid was sitting on the toilet and rolling down the toilet paper, and all of a sudden he hears my husband’s voice saying “Don’t forget to wipe!”. Oh my goodness, the poor kid almost fell off of the toilet.

It turns out that my hubby had bought this contraption called Talking TP. It is just the actual toilet paper roll that you slip your toilet paper on, but it lets you record a message on it that people will hear. It is really good for laugh. We have had a great time when guests have come over as well!


Gap is having a MKL event!

Our family makes it a point to always do community service during MLK day. We do it all throughout the year — but we make a concerted effort to do a community effort together on MLK day. It is important that we give back to the community with the community.

Of course that does not mean that I do not try to take advantage of the sales that are happening.

One of our family’s favorite stores is having a big sale — Gap. Gap.com is having a 40% off sale on select styles that include men’s and women’s denim and kids graphic t-shirts.

So that is how we will be spending our day off from school and work. A day on community service and then shopping online at Gap. Remember — the sale is online only.

Have a good rest of the weekend.

Free Puppy Training at Petco

Your puppy is out of control and you don’t know what to do – here’s a deal for you mom’s that can not be beat!

Petco is giving free puppy training seminars. You read that correctly — FREE!

On Saturday 1/14 and Sunday 1/15 at 2PM they will be holding Potty Training Seminars.

On Saturday 1/28 and Sunday 1/29 they will have Puppy Socialization Seminars!

These seminars are not offered in every store, so make sure to check in with your local Petco!


Before you head off to Petco, check here to see if there are any dog food coupons that you may need. You know that once you are at Petco with your pooch, you may end up doing a little shopping!